Bakra Eid- the Festival of Unity, Sacrifice and Love amongst People of Islam.
Basically the feast of the Bakra-Id is the occasion which is all about sacrifice and giving something to others. This day is basically for giving your thanks to the almighty who gave you such a good fortune and giving those things which you have in ample to the people of the world who are less fortunate to have them. Id-ul-Azha or Eid al-Adha, are basically Arabic words, which can be translated as 'the joy of feast of sacrifice'.
Traditionally Bakra Eid is signified by the slaughtering of animals like goat
and many more which are considered as the sacrificial offerings to the poor people. After the slaughtering of the animals the meat is distributed amongst the poor or deprived or needy people. This festival is celebrated in order to honor the wishes of the Hazrat Ibrahim who sacrificed his son whose name was Ismail at the request or behest of the almighty Allah. Thus on the day of Bakra Eid the true follower of the Islam is expected to sacrifice at least one thing which is dear to him or his family. 
The sacrifices of animal on the day of Bakra-Id are mainly carried out in order to provide food and happiness to the people who are really very poor and deprived and also to prove that they follow Islam whole heartedly. Basically it’s the spirit of sacrifice which marks the spirit of the Bakra-Id. It is also said that this day also coincide with day on which the Holy Quran Sharif was declared to be complete.
The Bakrid is always celebrated on the tenth and twelfth day of Islamic month of the Dhul Hijjah. Every
Vaisakhi Festival Punjab
year number of people makes sacrifices by getting animals slaughter in order to follow the path of Islam which says to sacrifice something precious on the day of Bakra-Id. In their sacrifice they can give meat of sheep, goat, camel or any other animal that has four legs. Basically any animal that has four legs is slaughtered in these three days of Bakrid.


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  1. PC says:

    Sacrifice has to be made of something precious to you. if islam says, you need to sacrifice what you have and give it to deprived people, why is then slaughtering of animals is taken place. why is it named as sacrifice. You have got no right on any creature other then yourself. then how can Slaughtering of innocent animals so brutally & cruelly, is treated as sacrifice. and also as everyone is aware, people celebrate this ID for having a delightful feast and has got nothing to do with the "sacrificial belief". Sacrifice something that can make someone happy & on which you have got right to sacrifice. Don't brutally kill innocent numb animals and boast about it unnecessarily. No religion including Islam has ever said that we human beings have got right over other creatures. Peace & Love is the only language any religion in the world speaks. For God Sake forbid them!!!

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